Hi friends and soon to be friends!

*****Breaking News********

After much hullaballo, my blog/website has moved over to:

It has the same fun feel and almost the same look!
Posts are goin’ up there all the time!

Whatcha waitin’ fer?
(I just saw Oklahoma the musical and think I’m gonna start saying fer instead of for or far)
Head on over!


1 Response to “Welcome!”

  1. 1 viviankirkfield April 1, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    I like your welcome page VERY MUCH, Kathy!

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Reader, did you know?

Kathy Ellen is

a child disguised as a grown-up
who writes children's books,
collects flattened pennies,
and is in love with pizza.
She's always making something
and always wearing bright colors
and a smile.
If you see her,
ask for a high five.
She loves them.

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